Oscar nomination for Jim: The James Foley Story

The end-credits song in Jim: The James Foley Story, "The Empty Chair", has been nominated for an Oscar for best original song. The song, written by Sting and J. Ralph, will be performed live at the Oscars broadcast on the 26th of February. "He was an incredible human being who I am so privileged to have gotten to know through the film. I feel that being nominated can shine more light on this film. People should see it. It’s an extraordinary, powerful and important film." says Sting in an interview with Billboard.com about the movie. Congratulations to Sting and J. Ralph and I can't wait to watch the performance on the big night! Jim: The James Foley Story is a documentary about American photojournalist James "Jim" Foley who was kidnapped in Syria in 2012. Two years later his public execution introduced much of the world to ISIS. The movie is directed by his childhood friend Brian Oakes and tells the story of Jim's life through intimate interviews with his family, friends and fellow journalists - while former hostages reveal never-before-heard details of his captivity with a chilling intimacy that reveals their courageous untold story of perseverance. In recreations from the time in prison I portray Daniel Rye, a Danish journalist who was held in captivity together with Jim.

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