Truth Slash Fiction going to SeriesFest

Truth Slash Fiction, a pilot I worked on last year, has been selected for SeriesFest, an international festival dedicated to showcasing the best new pilots from established and emerging content creators. The festival will take place in Denver 22nd-26th of June, screening times are yet to be announced. In the pilot I am a part of a fictional boyband of the name TRUTH, playing the part of Upton.

“Truth Slash Fiction” is an irreverent dramedy that follows 16-year-old Emma Jacobs as she navigates the indignities of adolescence. Through it all, Emma clings tightly to the songs of the boyband “Truth”: a One Direction-style supergroup whose romantic earnestness is Emma's only refuge from the often cruel and anxiety-filled social interactions that make up her world. Emma's love of those sultry-voiced boys leads her to join a group of like-minded fans who channel their devotion in an unusual way: they write slash fiction (ie “gay erotic fan fiction”) involving the band they love so much.

Watch the trailer below:

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