Norwegian Grant and Solo Concert

Last weekend I flew to Norway to accept a performing arts grant from Sparebanken Hedmark. During a ceremony in Hamar Kulturhus on Saturday I received the grant together with other recipients within the arts and sports, 1 million NOK to each branch. I also performed during the ceremony to the hundreds of audience members who had showed up. The local newspaper, Hamar Arbeiderblad, wrote a full spread on me in today's newspaper covering the grant, my solo concert and my life in New York.

I also held a solo concert in Hedmarksmuseet Aula on Sunday, titled "Takk For Sist" (loosely translates to "Nice to See You Again"). It was a concert taking the audience through the journey I have had since I moved out of Norway 4 years ago. Set in the same concert hall as my concert "London Next", which was held just days before I left the country for London in 2011. The Mayor of the area where I grew up even showed up with flowers! Below you can see the poster.

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